Friday, May 22, 2009

I love SwagBucks

I wanted to share this with you.
I have clicked my way to FIVE $5.00 Amazon gift certificates this month so far.
JUST by using my trusty SwagBucks toolbar.

I love it!! (and the month is not over!!)

If you don't know what SwagBucks are, it's a free program that rewards you for clicking. I installed their toolbar (which uses Google) and it route my searches through them. And I save up points. With my system, I buy a $5 Amazon GC as soon as I hit 45 points. It works for me. I've bought a few free books this way.

Search & Win

So what are you waiting for......? click on my lil SwagBucks and get to clickin'?


Anonymous said...

How come all you ever talk about on your blog anymore is money?

And when are you gonna make your big announcement that you were promising several months ago? Are you PREGGO?????

SB said...

I talk about other things, too.
Like recipes, homeschooling, the home remodeling, movies we see...

But yes, I talk about money. It's important for me to share tips on how to help people save. So many people are hurting financially. We are blessed. My husband has a good job. We have enough to share and I think sharing information is a good thing.

That big announcement never happened because family demands got in the way. It was to be an Event that I was hosting with another business woman. But the demands of my life and the needs of my kids came first so I had to postpone it for a year.

No, NOT PREGNANT. Our family is just the right size.