Thursday, May 14, 2009

it's so Thursday

I am close enough to the weekend that I can SMELL know?

I am still working out. Only missed 2 days in the last 10. Not bad for someone who has a consistency problem. I am staying strong. Well, not yet, but I'm gonna be! I've lost 8#, (slow & steady wins the race) and I feel so much better. One thing I did not count on is how hungry you feel when you exercise......I just crave that my puny lil muscles saying "FEED ME!!"

Coooool!! I won a $10 Amazon gift card on Wise Bread Personal Finance and Frugal Living Forums . You can also see them linked in my left hand column. The site is full of great info, tips and ideas. Don't delay: get yourself some Wisebread today!

Wanna know what else? I earned a $5 gift card for Amazon at least every other day through my SwagBucks referrals and clicks. LOVE IT! At $5 every other day, it adds up to about $75 a month, which I can TOTALLY spend at Amazon....I have a few hundred items in my WishList....Click my SwgBucks link and I'll be your best friend......Really, I will...The way to my heart is through gift cards :)

Search & Win

Now, I am off to the gym and Target once more. Then I'll rest before I tackle the triple coupons at Bloom this weekend. What are you guys doing this fine Thursday?

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