Saturday, May 23, 2009

June goal

One of my BIG GOALS for the month of June is to use my clothesline more.
Not only does it save me money, it's better for the environment and better for my clothes.
Plus it saves me on cooling since my dryer can heat up the house....
It's a win-win.

My backyard neighbor is in her 90's, and she's NEVER had a dryer in her life.
We chat while hanging clothes. I love hearing her stories....

This is MY clothesline. With my husband's ARMY PT's in the sun....
Note to self: get neighbor kids to actually mow UNDER the clothesline next time :)
I will admit that I fluff my towels and blue jeans in the dryer to "soften them". I know many ladies like the smell of fabric softner so what I do sometimes fill a spray bottle with 1/2 water 1/2 Downy and spray the clothes while they dry in the sun. Then when and if I fluff 'em, they smell sooooo good.
There are some thing I do NOT put on the clothesline: socks (too much trouble), under clothing (I have the creeps thinking about my neighbors seeing my underwear..) but everything else is fair game.
In my neighborhood, I know 4 families who use a clotheslines. The kids like to say that God is doing the laundry for me......Now I am off to Wal-Mart: for more clothespins!!


marcyh said...

i love clothes on the clothes line...our dumb HOA won't let us hang out our clothes.

Maybe I can hang a line up in my screened in porch.

Berry Patch said...

I grew up without a dryer so I used to LOVE it. Then we moved here & lately I'm trying to be much more frugal. I have a line strung around some trees but it holds about two loads worth of laundry & I love using it once again. I do dry towels & all "small stuff" because if I have to fight off black flies & other biting bugs, I'm going to make sure I can hang them all up FAST! And I don't like my towels being rough. Kind of defeats the purpose of a towel IMHO! ;-)