Friday, May 01, 2009


I got a call from The Disney Movie Club the other day. I stupidly joined a year or two ago, bought my minimum and got the heck out. Those clubs are only good for the companies. Not for the consumer...But when I cancelled my membership, I wrote them a strongly worded letter, voicing my opinion on being strong-armed into HAVING TO buy a movie, whether I wanted it or not, and the fact that you cannot order online (you have to do it by MAIL..EVERYONE is online, Disney Movie Club!!)

But, I digress...

The Disney Movie Club felt bad (yeah right) about what I complained about and offered me four (4) FREE movies of my choice. When she told me that, I was thinking, "Yeah right, I'll get to choose from all the crap movies that I don't want." But no, she said I could choose ANYTHING that was available.

All of a sudden, with too many choices, I selected these four. We don't own any of them so they will make good additions to the Family Movie Collection.

I was pretty happy.....and then I saw the invoice....and was even happier. I was thinking, "I would NEVER pay full price for a movie!!" But some people do. But sheesh, $90.00 for 4 movies? I am glad that they were free.

Sometimes, it pays to complain (which means offer constructive comments, not mindless ranting...which I have done as well.)


Berry Patch said...

I agree & I really should do it more often. Enjoy your movies!

Lindsey Ann Bledsoe said...

That's fantastic, it pays off to speak your mind!