Wednesday, May 06, 2009

a mid-week re-cap...


I am a little sore from the wimpy workout that my trainer put me through yesterday. I did just as he recommended. I took some Advil before bed and stretched ever so slightly upon waking. I am not a quitter. (I keep chanting this in my head...I tell Micaela to say that when she gets stuck on her Math. I have to lead by example. When this gets tough (and it will), I can't quit.


If you listen to Christian contemporary music, have you listened to Mandisa's newest CD? You know Mandisa, she was on "American Idol" a few years back. Amazing voice and a message that inspires. I keep playing the song "Definition of Me" when I am gearing up to work out. Give it a listen. It might inspire you, too.


I think it's absolutely shameful that President Obama will be a no-show for the National Day of Prayer. Yes, I understand that it's everyone's right to pray in private, which is what his Spokesman says, but come on! He's a World Leader whose country is mostly Christian!! The more I learn about President Obama, the less I like him, the less I trust him....His focus group must have told him it's okay to just skip it.

Look at this cool image. Doesn't that make you proud to be an American?


I've been working the online INTERNET PRINTABLE COUPONS lately. Since my blog is moody, I was not able to post the links last week when the Big Kellogg's special was going on, but Bloom had Kellogg cereal on sale for $1.99 (which are usually $3.99--who the heck pays $3.99 for ONE box of cereal?)...and there were $1.00 coupons floating on several blogs and on the Kellogg's website. I used 2 separate computers, printed each and every coupon twice and snagged over 40 boxes of cereal, paying no more than $.99 per box, sometimes less than $.50 because of register coupons that I had in hand. I kept a lot for us, and donated several boxes to those in need.

I am stockpiling through the end of May and then only doing big deals. I am going to live off of what we have as much as possible in June and July.


I am on Week 2 of the Fat Flush. It's still going well. I am still down 6# and I feel good (except for the soreness). Still no asthma issues. Even when that trainer was trying to kill me, I could still breathe. Sugar has a HUGE affect on asthma. I knew this but who WANTS to give up sugar....? But then I asked myself, which do I like more: chocolate cake or BREATHING? A classic no-brainer...


We're schooling year-round here, so the pace is still pretty relaxed. I am so proud of Micaela and Adam for knocking back Math. We've been neglecting Science a bit but that's about to change. We're doing an EXPERIMENT today. Adam is hoping we get to blow something up....hehehehe..

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Berry Patch said...

I love reading posts like this. Great little snippets in to life. I just saw a show on GMC? TBN? - one of the Christian stations where they interviewed past Idol contestants who are Christians. Mandisa's interview was wonderful to see. She is fully there for her Lord.