Monday, May 11, 2009

a sad tale at Walgreens.....

Let me be upfront and say this: I prefer Walgreens over CVS. Their stores are cleaner, aisles are wider and their store circular is more pleasing to me. Their employees seem to have a better grasp on the English language, as well.

I like Walgreens. A lot.
But like many mom-consumers, that is subject to change.

Today, I went in to my local Leesburg Walgreens, all excited because I had a STACK of RR's (Register Rewards) from previous purchases. Plus a stack of manufacturer's coupons. I had planned it so that everything I was buying would be almost FREE. And you guys know how I love FREE.

So, I gathered my items, matching each one with a high value coupon. Some of my items were on clearance. (One of them was Olay face stuff which I would get for a whopping $0.49, love clearance + coupons!) And then I get to the register and all my coupons are accepted. Then it won't take my RR's. AT ALL.

Apparently, there is a new policy that you cannot use more RR's/coupons than you have items. Say, if you have 7 items (which I did), you can use a maximum of 7 coupons or a maximum of 7 RR's, or a combination thereof. You can no longer use 7 coupons AND 7 RR's. This is a NEW POLICY. It's in teeny-tiny lil writing on your RR's. I think it sucks.

From a business stand-point, I get it. It's to prevent coupon hounds like me from getting stuff for FREE. I know that. But I don't LIKE it. I went right to CVS and verified that they have no such policy.

I hate to leave Walgreens behind, because I prefer their store. But you know what I prefer even more: My own money. And getting FREE STUFF. I'm selfish that way, you know.

The store manager at the Leesburg store couldn't have been nicer. I know she didn'e personally create this policy. But man, I hope Walgreens corporate office gets hammered with e-mails. You can contact them at Corporate and here at Customer service. Of course, I already called. They said I wasn't the first call, nor would I be the last.....

Oh well, there's always CVS/pharmacy .


Anonymous said...

Hi - Just buy something real cheap. It will throw off the ratio if you purchase something without a coupon. I typically stick one of those pencils that are 4/$1.

Hope that helps.

Sue said...

Actually that has been a policy around here for a very long could never use more coupons than you had items and RR were considered coupons from manufacturers....just like you can use a RR from say P & G on another P & G item either.....I always have little items to throw in like gum etc to cover the item/coupon rule.

SB said...

the store manager at the local place told me it was new. Maybe they're trying it out in different parts of the country and it's been around where you are for a while. But it's new HERE :(

I don't like it. I rarely buy ANYTHING without a coupon.