Saturday, May 16, 2009

slacker Saturday

I am feeling a bit lazy today. The skies are overcast and the air is heavy with humidity. A harbinger of warmer months to come. I welcome to medium warmer (because I get to leave my windows open and save $$ on the AC...) but I do not welcome to HIGH HEAT of summer. Although I was born in TX, I am not someone who enjoys hot weather. I will do my very best to never live in the South again. I just don't like being sticky, you know?

Greg and Adam are catching the New Star Trek Movie ....I am a little jealous because I wanted to see it, but I am so glad that my two favorite guys are hanging out, doing guy stuff. I will see the movie when it comes out on DVD. Now you know me, I loathe paying full price for anything, but it especially irks me at the movie theater. I mean, I don't know about you, but what *I* get out of it is NOT worth the prices they charge.....which is why we usually skip movies in theaters. It's just over $100 to take all 3 kids and 2 adults to a feauture film. I have PLENTY of places where $100 can go. But it's Adam's birthday weekend so he deserves something special. And what's the use of being SUPER FRUGAL if you don't cut loose and enjoy it a bit?

Today, I hit Target (for the last of my printable Kraft coupons stack) combined with the coupons printed from Target Coupon Generator- A Full Cup - Coupons and spent only a fraction of what my items were worth. I love that feeling: saving money make me feel good. My very best deal today was this:

It's usually $24.99 (which I refuse to pay) but Target has them on sale for $19.99 (which I still won't pay) but I had a $4.00 off coupon, plus 3-$5.00 Target gift cards, which means I paid only $0.99 for a great new learning game for the kiddos. Adam is all about his Nintendo Ds but Micaela LOVES her Leapfrog Leapster (It's pink, of course....) I was very very very happy to get a MATH game for under $1.00.....I wanted to shout it from the store but enough people already think I am strange, I don't need to confirm it for them :)

I also went to Bloom for another day of triple coupons. They have a silly maximum of 20 coupon per person, per day. And since they KNOW me there, I can't even be sneaky!! But I did well. My stockpile is growing. Here's what the basement stockpile looks like. This does NOT include any items for fridge and freezer, of which there are many.

I really need to tidy it up but I am so not motivated to do it. Really, I'm not. I will before the end of the month. As I am putting my debit card away and buying 2 GC's for a set amount and not spending hardly ANYTHING in June. It's a personal challenge....I know I can do it.
Now, I am debating whether or not to go to the gym. I am so sore. My legs ache. I have not worked this hard since I learned to walk again after having a stroke. I seriously am a marshmallow woman. OOh, marshmallows sound good right now....Alas, I digress.....
Enjoy your weekend. I am off again. Tomorrow, pictures of my birthday boy. I cannot believe he'll be 7.....


Berry Patch said...

I think you are doing great setting up your exercise habit, but be careful not to overdo & burnout too fast. I would allow at least one day of rest each week. If you are open to homeopathic remedies - Arnica montana is a great one for muscle soreness. I've used it with great results.

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your "stash." I'm enjoying following your posts. Keep them coming!

Hubby & I really want to see Star Trek too. ;-)

Ang said...

Great job on the exercise. I am proud of you! I am going to really try with hubby's help of course. Soon, as knee is getting better. Can't believe Adam is 7; goodness; time flies. My fellas went to see ST, too. I'll wait for video. Take care~ Ang

Kristiem10 said...

That is an awesome stash!