Wednesday, May 13, 2009

stocking up

I am putting away my debit card (as much as humanly possible) in June, so I am stockpiling some amazing bargains....I'm buying myself a $25.00 gift card at my two favorite stores and that will be my discretionary limit...(unless it's free chocolate, then all bets are OFF, baby!)

I've been using the Target Coupon Generator- A Full Cup - Coupons like a wild woman, and racking up the goodies at Target. (two trips before the gym and one after!)

Look what $20.00 bought me.....You know how much this would have cost without the coupon stacking at regular price (shudder)? About $85.00...The kids were totally psyched to see Shell Macaroni in my cart. What is the deal with SHELL macaroni? Why is it sooooo much more special? Can anyone explain that?
Not to leave out the local grocery store....I do shop at Bloom, too.

I do love Bloom. They will be TRIPLING COUPONS THIS WEEKEND. You know where I will be! Me and my trusty coupon box! I was there today and look what $5 bought. (It would have been $2.50 but I had to buy Canola Oil for a darn chocolate cake---that *I* am not eating...) On my Bloom trip, I spent $5 and also rec'd a Catalina (Register reward type deal) for $3.00 off of my next order. Sweet!!!

I had a stack of $1.00 off of Kraft BBQ sauce coupons, and they were on sale for $0.99, so I essentially paid sales tax on 9 bottles of sauce. BBQ anyone? I won't have to buy any sauce until we move!! And I love love love the A-1 marinade but I am way too cheap to pay $3.99 for marinade. My $2.00 off coupons allowed me to pay a reasonable $0.49 for the bottles, as they were on sale for $2.49.....and the salad dressing is Greg's favorite. Paid $0.59 for that......It was that dang oil who ruined it for me......

Where do I print all of my coupons? Here's the full list, courtesy of Deal Seeking Mom: Community
Food Lion
Quality Market
Tom Thumb

Some sites do require registration (which makes me love my Roboform....Download RoboForm Password Manager and Form Filler here...makes surveys and form a snap!!) And don't worry if you don't live near one of the stores, I used to shop at Randall's when I lived in TX and I can still print from their site....

Get your printer loaded with ink and paper and get ready to save!!

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