Monday, May 25, 2009

stuff on a Monday

It's hot AND sticky here.....but I am thanking God for my life, and soldiers for my freedom. Please honor the Fallen today. Their sacrifice should matter to us all.

I wanted to share with you today my favorite pictures from the Iwo Jima Memorial (which I love) and ANC (which is my favorite place in all of DC)....but I can't find them.....That's the down side of having 60,000 photos on your computer....

I am considering signing Adam up for Tae Kwon Do this summer (we're doing year-round school because I am glutton for punishment :).......)

No Seriously....I think it would be good for his confidence. Trying to decide if Micaela wants to join in... I think she will be interested after watching her brother.

Any advice or stories from y'all about kids and martial arts?
Saw this on Moms By Heart (whose blog is in my left hand column, she has great this one!)
Just a reminder that you can catch a new 30 minute audio study with Beth Moore every Monday HERE.
(I am still doing the Beth Moore "Breaking Free" Bible's FABULOUS......)
Kitchen Remodeling in high gear. Greg is PAINTING. He's made the most fabulous cabinets for me. It's shaping up so nicely......but if my kitchen is new, I won't want to get it dirty, you know...
I really am excited about how nice it is looking.
That's all for now.....unless you WANT to hear about my laundry.....

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