Friday, May 29, 2009

why I coupon (in a visual form)

I went to Shoppers Food Warehouse last night. I have lived here in NoVa for about 4 years now and this is my least favorite store. I feel like their prices are too high and I don't like their carts. I know....I am picky that way. What can I say? I have issues......(and that's putting it mildly!)
But when I heard that they were doubling coupons UP TO $1.00, I had to put aside my issues with their clumsy store layout and quirky stubborn carts and GO!
I had many things working against me: I was sore from an amazing workout, tired from wrestling the kids and the coupon box, in an unfamiliar store. But I was determined to win!
So I did my match-ups as best I could. I had one lady who seemed to be on every aisle I was, and I could see her sneering at my wonderful box of coupons. Like she was better than me....Well, she made the error of getting behind me in line. (If you're not a coupon-minded person, don't EVER get behind someone like ME....)
It took my cashier 45 MINUTES to match EACH coupon to EACH item. He was painstakingly, excrutiatingly careful.....but here's what we started out with: (he laughed when I whipped out my Blackberry to take these photos....)
BEFORE MY COUPONS total.........................................

and then he went through a stack over an inch thick.....and looked at some of them with a MAGNIFYING GLASS (apparently, he'd never seen internet printed coupons before!)

Even he was a bit surprised with the ending total.....

WITH my wonderful coupons.......

We spent $85.88 and SAVED $106.73......Micaela SQUEALED with delight. I am turning her into a lil frugal mama. (She actually asked when she gets her OWN box.....ARGH!)

Why do I use coupons? Because for me, it works. I don't think my sytem is any better than anyone else's. But for me, it works. I know many women say they don't have the time, or the coupons just don't add up to any REAL savings. Well, the proof is in the pudding (which speaking of I got 9 boxes of pudding snacks last night for $0.14 kids LOVE those and they're usually $1.59 each.)

And to make matters even sweeter, the lady who was staring at me toldme how much she admired the hard work I put into this for my family. How much she wanted to be able to do it. It's not rocket surgery (as that funny line goes....) Anyone with a desire to save money can do this.

My real Challenge comes in JUNE, when I will put aside my debit card and only allow deals that are pennies on the dollar or FREE. It'll be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing. I even had to read this entry to my husband!

For the most part I'm not a coupon shopper because I'm too picky about brands and getting exactly what I want. Sometimes I'll find a coupon for something I use/want and I'll use it. So I'm totally in AWE!

I'm wondering you think you buy things you wouldn't normally buy just because you have a coupon? I know with three kids, things will probably get used, but I still think you'd end up with things you don't need/want/use.

LIKE...OMG, this was hilarious. I sent hubby to Costco one day, and he came back with everything on my list, plus whatever he wanted, plus a double pack of PREPARATION H. I was like...Uhhh...what? Maybe he had a problem that I didn't know about or something. So I asked...why'd you get this? He said (all excited like), "Yah, the person before me left this in their cart in the parking lot and forgot I took it!" I was like, "You realize this is for hemorrhoids, right?" And those two tubes of assteroid cream are still sitting in my bathroom closet to this day!

So yah, if I ever got caught up in the coupon craze, that's what would happen. I'd end up with a lifetime (or two) supply of Preparation H. But I'm still amazed by you!

Christy said...

There's a lady here who has all her coupons seperated and in a binder, with the clear holders (like what you'd put baseball cards in!). I thought that was ingenious, less effort in finding them once you're in the store. She has them seperated via how the store is laid out, so less searching!

Oh and I have to answer your anon. commentor, no you don't buy things you don't need or wouldn't normally buy, because most people who use coupons are thrifty and frugal and are not going to waste their money on unnecessary items they don't truly need.

The whole "brand" thing, for the majority of the off brands, those items you just HAVE to have in name brand, they're making a lot of those off brands too!

Oh BTW...awesome job!