Friday, May 15, 2009

why I'm quiet

I am sore. I am working my butt off at the gym. What little energy I have left goes to my kids
and my couch.

The exercise is going well. I have worked out for 10 of the past 12 days. It's a record for me....I am seeing small changes in how my clothes fit and HUGE changes in how I feel.

This weekend is Adam's 7th Birthday. We're celebrating the WHOLE weekend!! His Daddy is taking him to see the new Star Terk movie (guy time) and I am tracking down one last gift. We did score some awesome gifts but I can't tell here because my kids READ MY BLOG....

I'll have pictures and stories on Sunday. For now, I am headed for a hot bath and a pillow. I am slowly becoming less of a marshmallow!!

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