Monday, June 01, 2009


My computer is giving me FITS.....
I downloaded an update for IE8, and since then, my computer has been a NIGHTMARE.
So I might have to take it down to the super-awesome guys at Purcellville Computers Home . I love having them work on my computer, they're very fair, quick and nice to deal with.

I just hope my computer heals itself. Wishful thinking, I know......if I am gone for a while, you'll know why. Even though we have 3 computers, I like to use my own.

Besides, this is a VERY busy week. Gigs, workouts, kids' school, prepping for the garage sale and the continuing kitchen remodeling....whew, I am tired just typing it.


Berry Patch said...

I had issues with IE before downloading version 8. IE8 was horrendous. It took FOREVER to load. It would shut down A LOT. I finally downloaded Google Chrome to use instead & now LOVE it. There is a learning curve but I do like it. And it rarely if ever shuts down on me & it loads fast. It has tabs. It's awesome. Just my 2 cents. ;-)

rennratt said...

Delete IE completely. Download Firefox first, though.

I CONSTANTLY had issues with IE, to the point of being surprised when things actually worked. Firefox has glitches from time to time, but nowhere near the extent of IE. The security is better, too.