Sunday, June 21, 2009

freebie at Wags

Anyone like FiberChoice? It's a good product that we use in our house, so I was glad to see the lil coupon spitter... (I heard a lady call it that once and it just stuck...)

Anywho, the coupon sitter has $2.00 coupon for ANY FiberChoice product(no size requirment listed). Now most of those jars are between $11.99-14.99, but they have these lil rolls, (sort of like Lifesaver size roll) for $2.29, which means if you use the coupon, you will get a small roll for only $0.29!

A good deal! And EVERYONE needs more fiber. Ideally from natural sources but if you can do that all the time, you can supplement. The thing *I* like about FiberChoice is that it works, and it doesn't taste like chalk...

(and how do you like this photo....? Snapped with the new iPhone camera. People were staring at me taking pics of the FiberChoice section.....but I am willing to suffer stares to bring you the good deals, you guys!)

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