Thursday, June 18, 2009

gimme the Math for $400, please

You know, as Adam's momma, I have developed a finer appreciation for how a Math-Brain Person works. He's all about the Math. In Everything. At all times. He was quizzing ME today on my multiplication, Math Shark in hand. I got one wrong and I swear I'll never hear the end of it....

Anywho......I am sharing my homeschooling experiences and Math adventures over at

Math Paths

It's a blog that is about teaching basic arithmetic skills, and math relevancy. The focus is on everyday math, how to incorporate math into daily life and activities, and how to teach math so children will be excited about it, not afraid of it!

When they asked me to join, I felt like Sally Field, clutching her Oscar....You know, where she blurts out, "You like me. You really like me!" Seriously, I'll be yapping in twice as many places....about twice as much Math. My College Math professor should see me now!!

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