Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am outta here.....

I won't be blogging for a few days.
I'll be too darn busy RELAXING..
We're headed to Cowan's Gap State Park in PA.
Actually Adam and Greg are already there, having logged in 2 days of Man Time (Adam caught his first fish!!) If you locally or anywhere near, you should really look into this park. We've been going for a few years and it's GREAT.

Pennsylvania State Parks - Cowans Gap - PA DCNR

Things I like about Cowans Gap:
  1. It's VERY close to our home. Barely more than an hour's drive, so if Jonathan cannot tolerate it much, it's a quick trip home.
  2. It's FAMILY oriented.
  3. It's incredibly inexpensive, less than $100 for a whole week of camping.
  4. It has a big lake with man-made Beach, bats, hiking, canoes and lots of nature....
Growing up, my family NEVER camped. We didn't really vacation much at all. My dad liked his spot at home..... but in my house, my kids LOVE to explore. And Greg, he grew up camping, REAL camping stuff.....like Boy Scouts and all. So thankfully our kids have developed an appreciation for the outdoors. Camping is also a great equalizer. It's challenging to find activities that appeal to ALL of the kids. (AS I type this, Jonathan is sitting on the bench by the door...even though we won't leave for HOURS......)


Berry Patch said...

Have fun!!!!! ;-)

fragilemom said...

Have fun! Look forward to hearing about it when you get back....and pics of cours!