Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm so random on a Tuesday

1. My hard working husband put together BUNK BEDS last night :) Both kids are sleeping in Adam's bunk beds while we sand, paint and assemble the set we got for Micaela. Another family was upgrading so we scored bunk beds for $30.00!! OF COURSE, we're painting them pink.....(was there any question?) I can't wait to show them to you guys. There so cute!!

2. I am attempting my first spin class today. Any bets on how long I last? With my asthma bothering me, I am being very cautious....I'm going to channel my inner-Lance Armstrong.
(Edited to Add: I last 5 miles, about 29 minutes...it's A LOT tougher than it looks.....Instructor said that was good for my first time....she was trying to make me feel better for being such a wimp....)

3. Adam is still digging Tae Kwon Do. He even bowed to me this morning before he hugged me good morning...

4. Garage sale prep is stepping up. I will be sooo glad to get rid of some of the stuff cluttering up my house :) Even the kids are purging....(this will be good for when we move, less stuff to drag to the next place...) If you're local and you want scrapbooking stuff, CALL ME!!

5. I've been a surveying wild woman! I made my first goal with SayNation!
It's super easy. I just answer a few questions. They give me points and I cash in points for gift cards and such. (It took me about 6 weeks, of surveys every few days to gather 25,000 points which earns me $20.00 in Amazon. gift cards....)If you want in, I'll GLADLY send you an invitation. I am saving my point towards the eventual Wii that we will get for the kids. I am aiming for Christmas 2009.

6. During the month of May, through my trusty SwagBucks, I earned SIX Amazon gift cards. I love it! They're paying me to surf......Click the SwagBucks link below and sign yourself up (with my special code, of course...). It's a great way to save up for Christmas gifts or do like I am doing, offsetting the expense of a Wii......I am DETERMINED to get that thing for as FREE as I can :)

Search & Win

7. I don't really have a 7, but it's my lucky # so I can't just ignore it. I'm freaky like that.....

Have a blessed day, you guys!


Lindsey Ann Bledsoe said...

I keep meaning to try a spin class, you've made it sound so daunting! :P Now I'm nervous.

Thanks for posting about Swagbucks, by the way - I've been using for a few weeks now and am already almost to 100. How do you get so many? Just by having a ton of "recruits?"

SB said...

nope, not too many recruits. Just TONS of searches. And shopping. I bought a plane ticket, clothes and a few books. It all adds up :)

Spin class is not that hard. I am just THAT wimpy.

Lindsey Ann Bledsoe said...

Man, that must be a LOT of searches! ...and I thought I searched a lot.

SB said...

yep, between being a total net hound, homeschooling and just general purpose stuff, I earn a $5.00 Amazon gift card about every 3 days :)

(I am online A LOT!)