Thursday, June 25, 2009

mail call

I love it when I go away for a brief period and then I come home to a full mailbox. Makes me feel popular. I love getting stuff in the mail.

Today brought BOOKS and coupons (which is always a winner in my house!) - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

from PBS, I rec'd this gem:
Adam is ITCHING to start up on the Science. He parked himself next to my chair and found a few experiments he'd like to do...

And then before the movie today, I went to Borders and used a 30% off coupon (which I get for being a Borders member, they e-mail coupons like crazy!!), I bought this....I love Glenn Beck and his books are always good.

Tonight, I hope to finish reading Lisa's copy of the Duggar book. I love watching their show. And the book is a quick read, full of inspiration. I was so inspired I cleaned my bedroom. The WHOLE room....Seriously.

Now, I have to clean the kitchen and get ready for my date tonight. I have been invited to a verrrrry exclusive Lego building party. It's very hush-hush......

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Berry Patch said...

I love PBS! I have a bunch of credits there right now which is great. I have a bunch of those Janice Van Cleave books. I almost got rid of them but my 12 year old vetoed me. I'm planning on having him do them with his younger brothers.