Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sadness with joy

July starts tomorrow.

And with it, a day I thought I would never see: Jonathan's 21st birthday. (in mid-July)
My BABY will be 21. Legal by most standards, but with the mind (and the impulses and demands) of a child. I always get depressed around his birthday.

It's common amongst parents with special needs kids, this sadness..... Often on a birthday, we take stock and list the accomplishments of the past year. But with Jonathan, it always reminds of where he's NOT, what he WON'T be, how he's never kissed a girl or driven a car....

Even though it's illogical, it still makes me sad. So in an effort to prep for Jonathan's big and very special day, I will do my best to welcome this milestone with a different attitude.

I will do my best to remember how far he HAS come.
I will honor his accomplishments and be proud of them.
I will celebrate his life. The one he has, not the one I longed for.
Raising kids with special needs is a marathon.
Sometimes, I feel like an expert, but most times, I feel like I am just crawling...

On a lighter note, he has already planned his party: it involves bowling. Big shocker there...


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Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Bowling sounds like fun:) Have a wonderful day and focus on the good!