Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I love hearing success stories....that's why I loved reading THIS story at Forbes.com
(I'll admit: I am a MAJOR Forbes junkie. The only thing I look at more on my BB is Fox News....)

Ten Minutes That Mattered: Jeffrey Housenbold

Anyone ever feel like that? Like you have dreams and YOU KNOW you can do it?
I felt like that when I decided to become a photographer for money...
It was a bit scary, but I think I've done well.
I am my own boss --I give myself frequent days off :)....---
and it's a career I can take anywhere the ARMY takes us.

Just wanted to share some inspiration. Some of you might sitting on your dreams. Don't wait. Just do it. Life waits for no one...I'm going to talking A LOT about inspiration in the coming days. You'll see :)


rennratt said...

I saved $62.70 in coupons today...and was able to put things into a box for the Women's Shelter in Raleigh!

THANK YOU for the inspiration and encouragement to do this! Thanks to you, my family will be pairing with another family (with kids) to donate throughout the summer.

SB said...

Oh RennRatt!! What a beautiful thing you've done. Those items will no doubt bless a woman in need.

*I* need no thanks. But I am so tickled that I've helped you :)

I'm relaxing on my coupons this month, living high off the coupon hog of last month :)

I hope you continue to be encouraged.
BLESS YOU for sharing your kindness with others.