Monday, June 29, 2009

thank God he's okay

Adam fell off his bunk bed last night, around 920pm.
Greg whisked him off to the ER and I met them there.
He had the BIGGEST knot on his forehead I've ever seen.
All of a sudden, my active little boy was listless and under-reactive.

CT showed nothing serious. But he does have a concussion.
I watched over him last night and as I type this, he's lying in my bed.
No physical activity for a week and he has to lay low.

Thank God he's okay. Literally, THANK GOD.....


Linda said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! Yes, PRAISE GOD that Adam's okay! How are YOU holding up??? Prayers for peace, patience and grace this week for you and your're gonna need it.

Melissa said...

Thank God, indeed! There aren't many things more frightening than a child's injury.

Berry Patch said...

Oh my! Yes, thank God he is okay! We have bunks here too & that is my biggest concern - one of the boys falling. Glad to hear that Adam is okay.

fragilemom said...

What a scary thing! Hope the bump heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

many years ago my little brother was playing with a broken hammer that we told him not. The metal part came off and hit him right in the forehead. I was only the sister and I was freaked out and scared. LIke you said...horrible bump. It is only with the grace of God that these little boys make it through childhood :)