Thursday, June 25, 2009

total slacker

I realized today that I had not blogged about my fitness stuff in a while.
That could have something to do with the fact that I have not BEEN to the gym in like 2 week....(head hangs down in shame)....And I started eating crap again.....

Well, I am back on track....starting tomorrow...HA! No seriously. My asthma is bothering me, and there's nothing that is as powerful reminder to be healthy that GOOD BREATHING :)

So I'll be in the gym again starting tomorrow. I need to. I need to feel some sort of accomplishment. It wasn't even the food that brought me down this time: it was stress. It was letting everything else come first. (Isn't that what Moms do???)

On top of getting myself under control, I am also undertaking a massively stressful deal: I am taking Jonathan COMPLETELY off of ANY fried food. You'd think this wouldn't be THAT hard since we don't fry any food at home, ever. But Jonathan lives for fries. And it's something that I KNOW will calm him. But how can I, as his Mother and Nutritionist, keep sticking that crap in his mouth? he's gone cold turkey. He was pissed when he saw that he had mandarin oranges with a ham sandwich today. I thought for sure I was going to be wearing oranges, but he rallied. He knows fruit is good so we're going to support each other. We're going out tonight to pick out some fresh fruit. You know at Wegman's or Harris Teeter that they will allow you to sample ANY fruit? So we're going to branch out a bit.....


Linda said...

Have you considered this?


SB said...

I might try those for a VERY special occasion. Jonathan's on meds (anti-psychotics) that made him gain a whopping 50#. Can't giv eup the meds and it's awful. The meds supercharge the hunger signal. It SUCKS telling him no. He gets VERY upset.
Day One of TJN (Telling Jonathan No) has gone well. He requested apple sauce. I am going to make him apple fries tomorrow (apple slices shaped like fries....)

But I will save those oven fries for his birthday next month.