Monday, June 22, 2009

whew.....long day

It was a long day.
With the men away, Micaela and I hit the thrift stores.
I wish I could share with you some pictures of our amazing bargains, but I am washing all of the clothes we bought.....We shopped, we ate. Then we shopped some more. We even got to go to a store that we've wanted to see for a long while:

The Pink Shop in Leesburg.

Just like the title says: it's all pink, which made Micaela squeal with delight. They have a bear dressed in costume out front (don't know why...)---(and I don't know why all of a sudden, she's all about making her teeth seem buck-ish...)

Inside the shop, you'll find LOTS of unique items, some bizarre but all are memorable. The one that made us laugh till he hurt was this:

I can't imagine WHY or WHEN you'd give this as a gift but it's hilarious. But please, don't rush out and buy me any.....

I liked this plaque, but am I wrong in interpreting this to me if I display that, I am calling myself a Witch? Hmmm.....

We ended this shopping trip with a perfect Pink Umbrella. She'd been clamoring for one. And it'll make a nice prop (if she'll let me borrow it..)

One thing's for sure: my money ran out before Micaela's energy did :)
She's born to shop (at thrift stores, that is.....)


fragilemom said...

Sounds fun!

Berry Patch said...

And that's what memories are made from. ;-)

rennratt said...

I laughed to TEARS over the squirrel underpants.

I'd like to give them to my boss. (For no reason except that he'd find it as funny as I do...)

I'm glad that you girls had such a great time. Nooze and I are prepping for a week of girl time, when Chachi heads to Maine for his HS reunion.