Thursday, July 30, 2009

I agree....

Iowa woman sells her TVs to avoid seeing Obama...

I, too, am sick of Obama......
I am sick of our country being sold up the river.
I am sick of the line of crap he's peddling in DC.
It's bad. Most of the country is not paying attention.
He's getting away with it....

I just smiled when I read that story from Iowa.
I agree. I very rarely watch the news, I would rather read my news: it's faster.
I can't stand to watch the local fawn over Obama, like he's celebrity. He's NOT. He's supposed to be a World Leader. The only place he's leading us is down the Wrong Path.

Okay, enough politics. I have laundry to fold.
Sadly, there's no bailout program for laundry....yet.

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Debbie said...

I agree. I don't watch the news anymore, it just aggrivates me.

Just wondering, have you picked a winner for the Game night giveaway yet? I don't know if I missed a post about it.