Friday, July 17, 2009

I am a SURVEY and SwagBucks maniac!!

I am only a few bucks shy of the $250 mark....surveying my way to the Wii.
The kids are THRILLED.
For me, it's super easy money.
I literally click my way to what I want (in this case, a Wii...)

One of my FAVORITE ways to earn GC's for the Wii is through SwagBucks. I know you've heard me going on and on about it. But seriously, if you aren't signed up, I have to know: WHY NOT??

Search & Win

It takes NO EFFORT and I earn a $5.00 Amazon gift card every 2.5 days. Seriously. It's like stealing candy from a baby (which I would NEVER do...) Use my link and I get credit for you signing up, so you can perpetuate my SwagBucks addiction....I'm just sayin'......

And surveys...easy peasy lemon squeasy......This past week, I have done a stack of surveys. I have rec'd products to test-drive. Today, on my porch, I had a box of frozen pizzas to try out. My kids LOVED the dry ice. I get paid about $10 plus points to try out pizza. How easy is that?

Who knew that the opinions of a 40-year old housewife would be so lucrative?



Kristiem10 said...

Good for you! I signed up last time you posted a link about Swagbucks, and I have racked up some Amazon GCs, too. A couple years ago, I did a bunch of surveys and I actually tested new diapers. Well, Blake did. lol.

SB said...


I love the testing of products. Next month, I get to test-drive (and hopefully KEEP one of those lil coffee jobbies that makes individuals cups of flavored coffee, My husband will be in heaven, I fear!)

I wish some company would let me test drive a maid....I can wish!

Melissa said...

The pizza testing sounds like fun! I haven't earned as many SwagBucks as you have, but I'm almost up to my third Amazon GC. Works for me!