Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jonathan turns 21

Today is a happy day.
Jonathan turns 21.
He has been HOUNDING me for days about his birthday.
His requested gifts?
A girl.....and a trumpet.
He'll be shocked that he's getting neither.

While I was in OK, I did get him a special shirt. Had it made at the Mall.
His nickname is "The J Man", so I had it airbrushed on a shirt.
He was SUPER THRILLED when he saw it this morning.

It's very important for him that he feel "cool" and he says when we call him "The J Man" he knows he's cool. He was not thrilled about the photos this morning. It definitely interfered with his morning routine (which is a big no-no) but he was very gracious..

I can't believe he's 21.
I don't want to talk about how this makes ME feel, because this day is all about Jonathan.
He is not completely defined by fragile x.
He's a good boy.
He has a kindness in his heart.
He's often helpful.
He loves music (but dances like he's incredibly white).
His sense of humor is limitless, but he favors slapstick.
He prefers blondes.
His favorite activity, aside from movies, is bowling.
He loves to sing his MercyMe CD (at top volume, I might add).
He hates rice.
He is beautiful.

Please join me in wishing my son, Jonathan, a Happy 21st Birthday.


Aunt D.D. said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!! 21 is huge :). I totally dig that shirt!.

Berry Patch said...

Yeah!!! Happy Birthday, J Man!!!! ;-)

Kristiem10 said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Hope you had a special day!

rennratt said...

Happy Birthday, J Man.

You are far cooler than you will ever know.

Linda said...

Happy belated Birthday to you, Sweet J-Man! That is ONE awesome shirt, and you are the coolest dude I know...and if I could, I'd send you a trumpet (though your mom probably would send it back!).