Thursday, July 30, 2009

Modesty, fashion sense and daughters

I am taking a break from "torturing" my kids.
How was I torturing them.....? I made them prepare their own lunch.
Adam, who borrowed the drama card from his sister, was in a heap on the floor, bemoaning his tough life.
Torture.....absolute torture....

So I am at my desk, listening to radio online, and perusing one of my FAVORITE catalogs (other than King Arthur Flour, that is..) It's the L.L.Bean Kids catalog. I'll tell you: as soon as I hit the Lottery, I'm going to buy a bunch of stuff from the LL Bean catalog. (but I don't play the Lottery....)

(pardon less than great photos, I took them with my iPhone and I am not getting up to grab my cameras....)

Why do I like LL Bean so much? Because it's high quality at a fair price. And NO ONE beats their customer service (on the same level as KAF) And the girls' fashion are stylish AND MODEST. I am VERY conservative with fashion, my own AND especially my daughter's. I am disheartened by the fashion choices offered at local stores (like Target). I will NEVER buy Micaela a pair of shorts with writing on the butt. I mean, seriously??? She's almost 9, and retailers want to offer clothes that I can only define as "slutty". No thanks. I'll spend my money in a place that won't over-sexualize my children.

So Micaela and I AGREE on fashions in the LL Bean catalog. She REALLY wants this combination and I must agree, it's very cute.

Here in non-wintery Northern Virginia, layering is the key so when the kids overheat, they just peel off a layer. And I like the plaid, simple look.

And she picked out this jasket. Heck, if it came in my size, I WOULD WANT IT, too.

All in all, I like to offer her reasonable fashion choices. Nothing too flashy. Nothing immodest. Before you think I'm cramping her "style", I am not. She loves to express her individuality through her Fashions. It's my job to help her develop healthy choices....


Berry Patch said...

Okay - now I want those too! ;-) I would have worn either as a child or now... LOL I agree with all you said and I don't even have daughters!

ohhollyf said...

Well put, I agree, & for the sake of my son, Thank you !

rennratt said...

I am with you on all counts! I also love that LL Bean has certain guarantees with their clothes. If the clothes don't hold up to the guarantee, you send it back...and they send you a new one!

They're like the Tupperware of clothing!