Thursday, July 23, 2009

super cheap pizza deal (local)

If you live in P'ville or relatively close-by, go by and meet the NEW Manager, Mike, at the local P'ville Papa Johns. Mention the huge page sized ad on the back of the Purcellville Gazette, inviting people to come in and meet him. You then get a 1-topping large pizza for $5.99 AND he gives you a code for a FREE Medium pizza on your next online order.
We're eating cheap pizza before we take off for the cheap movie.....ya see the theme here?

1 comment:

Linda said...

that's a good deal! Free and/or cheap is the best!

I got the Bi-Lo "meal deal" yesterday for CHEAP...2 rising-crust pizzas (local brand called Southern Home, but they're just like DiGiorno pizzas), a box of garlic breadsticks, a carton of ice cream (Mayfield brand) and a 6 pack (cans) of any coke product....for $10. I love when I get cheap pizza too!