Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thank God, from whom all blessings flow.....

Let me say this upfront: I had an AWFUL morning.
Just a rotten, yucky I don't want to repeat.
And I was in no mood.
Just when you're at your darkest, God's light can still reach into your heart....

A few months ago, I co-hosted a "Blessings Exchange" where families brought stuff they didn't need or want (books, clothing, toys, etc) and we all pooled our stuff and shared the Blessings. No money, just blessed each other. It was a huge success and it resonated....

Today, another woman who was inspired by our Blessings Exchange hosted one at her church....and I got to attend this one. And boy, did we get some goodies! When I co-hosted, I didn't get to look through everything, it was coming in so fast, but this time, I struck gold...

My haul:
2 pajamas (one from Victoria's Secret)
8 shirts (3 still with tags on them!)
3 pants
2 shorts
1 swim trunks
2 dresses (one from Hannah Anderson)
7 bottles of lotion (which made Micaela squeal)
a rose-scented gift basket (I love roses...)
a National Geographic activity Dinosaurs & Fossils (Adam is already barricaded in his room with this....)
a Phonics game for Micaela
a pair of Teva sandals for Micaela (they match mine perfectly!)
A set of orangutans for Adam (don't even ask...)
a nice, spacious black purse that will be perfect for an upcoming trip :)
A lighted extra large magnifying glass (perfect for the Summer of Science!)
and a yellow Estee' Lauder make-up bag...full of make-up.....(although I am not a huge fan of yellow, I am grateful to turn this into THE most stylish First Aid kit for our camper...)

All for free. Not a penny spent.
Interactive Generosity.

So I am washing the kids' "new" clothes and smiling.
And thanking God for His grace.
And that is enough for me.

Plus total bonus: I got to see my friend, Barbara from Mommy Life


Berry Patch said...

WOW! That is amazing! I may have to put something like this together up here.

SB said...

I think you should. I think EVERYONE should! It's great, especially now, with most of everyone's pocketbook being a little lighter....

It's a great way for a community to come together :)

rennratt said...

That is such a great idea!

Whenever you have a bad morning, pull up previous posts and comments to encourage you. Though we have never met, you have inspired many women here in NC to donate to women's shelters, homeless shelters, and share free ideas with each other for Family Time!

You are a blessing to all of us. I'm glad to see that the blessing is being returned to you.

SB said...

I love Rennratt :)
She knows how to pay it forward!!!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Hopping over from the blog hop to say hello. Hope you have a fun and safe Independents Day :)