Wednesday, August 05, 2009

birthday cakes and all

Did I mention that we're having a CUPCAKE party on Friday.....?
Micaela wanted a pink cake, but maybe purple....oh but what about green! And we can't leave out blue....which is how we arrived at CUPCAKES....

That and we've been watching a lot of

The TV Series: Cake Boss : on TLC

Who doesn't love Buddy from Cake Boss? We love that show. And it's tame enough to watch as a family (which is rare)..--Adam likes to watch around, pretending he's from Jersey...--

Well, we've purchased our Wilton tips (with 40-50% coupons) and are READY for the Cupcake party. Where we will have a menagerie of colored cupcakes....with sprinkles.

Did I mention the array of sprinkles
? I didn't think this much about my wedding cake this much (and my wedding cake was cool. It was from Wal-Mart and It had skunks on it :)
There's a story there, lemme tell ya...)

Anyhow, we're ready for cupcakes. I am pre-baking some so the girls will be able to frost right away. And I'll takae lots of pictures.....Now I have to go figure out the purple batch. Oh, the things we Mommas do!

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Linda said...

Buddy was on the Today Show icing cupcakes and other goodies today...his mom has NO concept of television...she was mic'd and kept talking over Ann Curry who was asking Buddy questions!!! But the cupcakes and cakes SURE looked yummy!