Monday, August 31, 2009

bring it on.....

I don't know about you, but watching "The Biggest Loser" totally inspires me. I love that show. (I thought that the wrong person won last year but do't get me started...)
I love watching them struggle. I think, "Man, if they can do it, so can I." and isn't that the idea?

My weight loss goals are not unrealistic. I don't want to be a SuperModel. I just wanna shake the extra weight, and that show REALLY gets me moving. By the time Greg deploys I will be super fit. (even though I currently only weigh about 10# pounds more than when he first met me, it's distributed much differently after two kids....and AGE.)

Do you watch the show? Which is your fave trainer? I like Jillian best. But Bob is sweet....SHAPE magazine had a neat article about Jillian.....

Plus I looked over their cookbook. Some yummy recipes.....The new season starts soon, and here's the extended preview.


Linda said...

I like Bob...because he is just NICER. I've watched the show from its inception...and love it. Hannah does too.

I started with a Personal Trainer today...ouch. I hurt. But I only meet him once a week...the rest of the week is mapped out by him. I will survive. And I WILL drop these 20 lbs, AND be trip and shapely too!

Berry Patch said...

I LOVE Biggest Loser! I'm not sure who I like better as a trainer - probably Bob. I think Jillian would have me crying far too often. LOL I love that Daniel is coming back to finish during this go-round. I'm excited to see it starts. I SO need the motivation! ;-)

Janis said...

I came to your blog from Christy's after she posted the amazing Thomas video. I do believe I will enjoy reading your blog as we seem to have much in common. I love Biggest Loser as well and this is looking to be a great season!!! (Tear jerker for sure..esp. with Amy--AMAZING!!!)

thanks for sharing! :)