Wednesday, August 12, 2009

buyin' votes


This disgusts me. It really does. And I know that's an "unpopular" position, but I am not keen on giving people a free ride. Enabling and creating indebtedness in the poor community assures continued power by those who seek to hold them down.

What's going on with the country right now, with Health Care Takeover and spending in Washington makes me ill. I didn't vote for this. I don't WANT this. And I am angry. You're damn right, I'm angry......

I hope people wake up. Health care is not a right, it's a privilege that you EARN. There are already free clinics and ER's that won't turn you away. If you want health care, give up your cable TV. If you want health care, get two jobs. NO one promised you a rose garden. I am sick of everyone wanting a rose garden!!

You know what I want? ALL of the lawmakers in Washington DC to go home. Term limits. Make them re-apply. Bunch of crooks, on BOTH sides. But most of all, I want the average American to PAY ATTENTION. Hold Washington accountable. They're depending on you having the attention span of a gnat, and they're getting away with it.

I want to get back to feeling good about the country, the economy. I do what I can for my own household, but I hate to think of my taxes paying for crap like this.

It angers me.

It angers me when Sen. Spector says the anger at the Town Hall meetings is not representative of the American people. Wanna bet? I've contacted my representatives. Have you?

It angers me when Nancy Pelosi says that the proetstors are "un-American". Bull! Dissent is patriotic. She only likes it when it's in her favor.

I support everyone's right to have their own opinion. I am very worried about where the current administration is taking our country. I am praying. Are you?


Berry Patch said...

Well said, Suzanne, well said!!!!

Berry Patch said...

Okay - I just read this article. Seriously? Do these people not realize where this "free" money is coming from!?!?! This just blows my mind... "to withdraw the cash that just magically appeared.." WHAT?!?!? ::sigh::
And should I take it as a sign that the word verification for me this time is "tricky?" ;-)