Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cleaning, bargains and more

1) Something is wrong with me. My sleep has been out of whack, and this morning, I got up and drank a full glass of milk. I am lactose intolerant, I don't drink milk. Ever. My body is obviously saying something. I'd better listen up....

2) I am purging stuff from my house again. It feels good to get rid of stuff. I really REALLY want to have another Swap. It was soooo good. And the blessings it brought rippled through the community. With school starting soon, I'm not sure I can do another one.

3) I am heading to Target to grab some bargains. I haven't been to Target in weeks. It never fails: I walk in there and am overwhelmed with a craving for Reese's peanut butter cups. Very strange...but I like it.

4) One more vacation before starting school. First week will consist of re-training bedtimes and review of last year. Fun stuff.....

5) Tomorrow is Adam's first tae kwon do testing, from white belt to white belt with yellow stripe. He's not nervous at all. I am. Why am *I* nervous? I know he's ready, his Master knows he's ready. We've planned a small pizza party at Al's Pizza, whether he advances or not. He sure loves TKD, and it's been very good for channeling his energy. He's more disciplined now. It's been well worth what we paid.

6) Next week, as a surpise, I am taking each kid on a photo safari. I can't wait!

7) Heard the coolest things today. I asked one of the Dads at swim lessons how he was doing, and he replied, "I tried to count my blessings, but I lost count....." What a great attitude!

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Berry Patch said...

I need to really get after my house. It's starting to feel extra small & it's already small to begin with.

Do you think Target is pumping out some peanut butter & chocolate smells in the foyer? ;-)

The photo safari sounds cool! Check out Snapfish - they are having a Kids Photo Adventure & you can get some discounts if you complete them. ;-)