Monday, August 03, 2009

couponing and personal information

I talked with someone recently who was reluctant to sign up on various sites and divulge her personal information on the internet. I can certainly appreciate that! Many years ago, I had my ID stolen and the damage was minimal but it was scary....Today, it's even scarier.

So how does one protect themselves when utilizing the web for bargains?

*You can set-up a different e-mail account for your freebies and offers (which is wise, due to the sheer volume of mail). --I have gmail which has an awesome spam feature!--

* You can get a PO Box.

* You can never list your phone number.

* You can put your initials (I use S. Balvanz instead of my whole name).

I can't imagine NOT taking advantage of the great offers, but I do know the dangers of identity theft. All I can say is BE CHOOSY who you give your info to. And usually on the form, it asks you "do you want offers from other companies?" I check no, so they won't sell my info. I know that some of them probably do, because I get LOADS of stuff in the mail. But in my case, it's mostly samples.

Just today, I rec'd this:

from Vocalpoint...

It's an adorable lil coupon booklet from. It has 6-$1.00 coupons off of any box of Rice Krispies, and one coupon for a FREE BOX of any size Rice Krispies. --I'll use those coupons when someone has a sale so I don't pay more than $0.50 per box, that's my limit..--This will be very handy as we move into the Fall season and my family clamors for those oh-so-healthy Rice Krispie Treats....

I love getting coupons and freebies in the mail. I have not had my ID compromised in any way. I have rec'd a few samples that I didn't sign up for but I just usually don't stuff I don't use.

Did you score something fun in your mailbox today?

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