Monday, August 03, 2009

it's a Monday, people!!

1. I had a great weekend. Women of Faith was GREAT. Seeing BOTH Mandisa AND Stephen Curtis Chapman in the same weekend was amazing....I feel renewed and uplifted. God has been working on me for months about something, and as I sat there, I heard EXACTLY what I needed to hear......The only bummer was that Linda wasn't there...Next year, I will just kidnap her. No way she's missing it....!!

2. Did you know that driving after an albuterol treatment can land you in trouble, as in DUI trouble? They told me that once in the ER. We are in the midst of taking down and re-flooring the kitchen floor. There is dust EVERYWHERE. Dust+ asthma= bad day for me. Thankfully, I have my own nebulizer....and have been cozying up to a lot of albuterol these past few days. So I'm BUI (blogging under the influence).....-couldn't resist--- it does make typing tough.

3. Today is National Watermelon Day??? How are you celebrating? We're going to venture out and locate the JUICIEST two watermelons: one to eat and one to make sorbet with. I first has watermelon in Alaska, in the dead of winter, when summer is a distant memory and I love that stuff. If you asked me real sweet-like, I might share the recipe.

4. I am also finalizing my curriculum choices for our school year. I am agonizing over pieces of it. Really I am. Stuff costs money and I want to make good choices.

5. I have no 5. It just felt wrong to end on #4.....

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