Tuesday, August 11, 2009

leaving a legacy

Today, the world mourns the loss of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
Over 40 years ago, she started THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS.
As a child my son, Jonathan, participated in Special Olympics and loved it.
I have hope that I can get hm back into it as an adult...
Special Olympics was a big deal to Jonathan when he was smaller. He felt like he was part of a group, that people cared about him. That's priceless. What she started here will last forever.
She has left a legacy of love. She increased awareness. She was an amazing contributor.
The oath of Special Olympics says it all:

Let me win,
but if I cannot win
let me be brave
in the attempt.

One of my favorite campaigns was this one:


In honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, let's do more. More love, more compassion, more awareness. That way, we all win.

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Linda said...

The world is a better place because of her.

You know...after you told me how you felt about the R word, I've really worked hard to stop others from using it, and have enforced it with my children as well. Recently, a friend on FB posted a comment on a poll regarding whether Sarah Palin should run for President in 2012. Her comment was, "NO WAY, Do you want another retard like Bush in office?".

I posted to her that we are all entitled to our opinions about someone and entitled to political preferences, but to call someone the R word, with no regard to what it truly means is highly offensive.

One of her friends told me to chill the he** out. I call HER on cussing me.

My friend apologized, publicly, on her post, and then to me personally. She realized she should have used a different term. May God bless her with a special child...that she may learn humility in her words.