Monday, August 10, 2009

more coupon talk

One lady wrote to me and said this, "I never can find good coupons when I need them, how do you find all of your coupons for the good stuff?"

Well, I do the following:

1) Print from various sites online (see post below) Many times, coupons are only available online for a limited time so I might not need a particular coupon right away, but I clip/print it anyhow.

2) I subscribe to the Sunday Paper (known around here as the Washington ComPost), and I cut ALL of the coupons out. Even if I don't use them, I trade them.

3) I "bought" a subscription (with my SwagBucks, so it was FREE!) to AllYou! Magazine, which is available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Every issue is full of coupons, for the good stuff. List price for the magazine is about $2.25, and the coupons total about $50-70 each month, so you can see the savings. Right now, there is a great deal over at, You can get 8 Issues of All You for just $10. That equates to $1.25 per issue, and is 44% off the price you would pay if you made a purchase at Walmart! Now THAT is a sweet deal....

4) I enlist my kids to seek out coupons at the grocery store.

5) I call all of the 800# on the products I use personally to get on every mailing list. Now, I'll be honest, I do get some junk mail as a result but for me it's worth it.

6) Another method is the CATALINAS. Most grocery stores have these lil machines that spit out coupons with your reciept. VERY handy! Some are quite high....don't be so quick to throw them away. If the person in front of me doesn't want theirs, I ask for them! In this set alone, I get a FREE Gallon of Milk. That's almost $4.00 right there....I always get the Starbucks Ice Cream coupons, I'm surprised they're not giving it away yet...

7) Another great way to get coupons is Ebay, or to simply buy them online from a coupon service. I have used this service with GREAT results! It allows you to pick and choose which coupons work best for your shopping needs.....

The Coupon Clippers

You can also start a group where you trade with other shoppers.

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