Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my big news

Finally, I can talk about it....
It's OFFICIAL: orders are being cut.
WE ARE MOVING (next summer) to Ft Lewis!! (WA State)
This is EXACTLY what we wanted.

This means LOTS of big changes for our family.
The least of which is moving from the east Coast to the West Coast.
Greg will take command of the 56th ARMY Band, which will deploy.
This means I get to go through my first deployment.....
Not excited about that part, but I am a Soldier's Wife and this is what he's trained for.

We wanted Ft Lewis because it's a big city: I will have access to some the country's best medical military facilities. Plus there is a TON to do with the kids. Plus it's a ferry ride away from Alaska. It's as next-door as you get to Alaska and still be in the Lower 48.

We're very excited about this.
We prayed about this.
Now we just have to sell our house. It has a super cute new kitchen!!

This is, and always has been, in God's hands.

WA State, here we come!! (is it too early to start a countdown?)

(..............I am so much more of a mountain girl than a beach girl.......................)


Linda said...

Man, you're going to have a BLAST photographing Seattle...maybe I'll have an excuse to come out THERE. Are you going on or off post for housing?

SB said...

I am sooooo looking forward to the NW type of photography. CAN'T WAIT!!

Kristiem10 said...


Berry Patch said...

How very exciting! ;-)

dozenhalls said...

congrats! congrats! I married a WA state boy and we still go back. You will love the majesty of the state and so much to do with the kids :) Fantastic! You will be missed in our little circles here though.