Monday, September 07, 2009

bits in my day

1. I slept in this morning. LOVE THAT. Because tomorrow, everyone in our house goes back to reality: school AND work....

2. I love this book. I own it and it's so interesting. I've been on this journey about food for a while. One of my friends is grain-free, gluten free and I am learning so much from her. And I am examining my own health and food cravings. And how sugar affects my asthma something awful.....and how I am the Chief Nutritionist in my house.....and how I need to take that job very seriously....I am trying to eliminate the middle man and get back to my food in its more natural state. Not raw, but not as processed...I do make just about everything from scratch....but even I use mixes on occasion.
I know we all have busy lives but this was in my e-mail this morning: I subscribe to the Eat This, Not That e-newsletter and they had this: our updated list of the worst kids' meals in America. I don't feed my kids anything on that list (bu I have eaten a few of them a time or two.....)
Why does everything crispy and crunchy have to be bad for you?

3. Next big project: Greg is doing the cabinet fronts in our living room. I am re-painting some stuff in the kitchen.

4. This week will be a long one. Back to school, two field trips, March on DC and then next week, we have some extended family stopping by!

5. I am making two batches of cookies (Toll House and Greg requested PB cookies, which I will be trying out a King Arthur Flour recipes, you KNOW it's good).....This way, I can put homemade cookies in lunches. In this house, love is homemade.


rennratt said...

Thanks for the link to the Best and Worst Kids Meals!

We don't dine out much, so we don't have to worry about many items on the list. The one SCARY item was the Austin Crackers; those are a staple here in NC! In fact, I sent a few packages to school for kids that don't have snack $!

I will change that up during the next purchase, that's for sure!

SB said...

I know what you mean, Jonathan is totally addicted to those crackers :)

Berry Patch said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I have it on my PBS wishlist. ;-) It looks good.