Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breast cancer awareness

I have awful genes in my bloodline.
I am not just talking about fragile x (consequently, I wouldn't classify FX as awful, but certainly it's challenging....)
One of the things I don't have a family history is breast cancer.
Which is amazing since we have everything else.
What I didn't know what that 1 in 9 women who are diagnosed didn't have a family history either.
I watched the special Christina Applegate did with Oprah (which was a miracle, because I don't ever watch Oprah, she annoys me....) but that one show really made me wonder. And it made me realize I needed to increase my own level of awareness.

So I asked around, gathered info and feel a bit more educated.
One of the resources that someone shared with me was

Think Before You Pink

It really shines a light on whether the company that's going "pink" is helping or hurting women and the breast cancer cause with the very products that they sell...

What do I do as a business woman?
I offer free photo sessions to women and their families who are going through treatment.
It's helped me more than them, I'd bet. It's opened my eyes, and my heart.

So this October, I'll be looking for a more personal way to help women.

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