Thursday, September 03, 2009

it's Thursday

1. I am trying to stay off the computer today. Easier said than done....

2. I have some stuff to share......

101 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free.

3. Have you seen THIS slickness? It's so artfully crafted. It sucks you in, makes you feel goooood, but do you hear the underlying message: PROPOGANDA...

Please watch the whole thing, taking special note of:

3:02 which begins a montage of people pledging to end slavery. We don't even HAVE slavery in the US! (unless you count sin, but that knows no geographical boundary)

3:15: "I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama" .....can I just say WTF??? (in my house that means "weird, true & freaky" in the SHOW that my kids love so much)

And the real kicker:

"I pledge to be a servant to our president and all mankind." NO, NO and NO!! In my house, I serve the Lord, not Barack Obama.....

Have people gone mad? Are they buying this?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping others. I DO THAT ALREADY. You cannot legislate morals. You have to be RAISED this way.

So much happening right now makes me VERY glad that I homeschool.

Edited to Add: Just saw this sign up at Michelle Malkin's site... LOVE IT!

3. Now, under threats of whining and rebellion, I am off the computer until Greg gets home....(I'll TRY!) We're off to find shirts to wear to the 9-12 march on DC. Hope to see some of you locals there! If you need a ride, let me know!!


Berry Patch said...

My hubby & I so want to be in DC on the 12th. It's not to be right now though. Please know we'll be praying for you & your family & everyone else who is there that day. Yell loud for us!!! ;-) I just watched "I Pledge" - UGH! And you've heard of Obama's "mandatory school address" where he's talking to all PS students on the 8th right?

Christy said...

I sadly do believe it, people ARE insane....IF we're not living in the beginning of the end, I just can't imagine what that will be like then, if people are already being so decieved so easily and so openly. Honestly I just want to scream at them "stop being such idiots".

lovebeingamom said...

yes, people have gone mad - SCREEAAMMMMMMM
thank you for posting this!!!!