Saturday, September 19, 2009

ode to scrapbooking

You know, I love telling stories.
And I love taking pictures.
Scrapbooking was a perfect fit for me.
But moving here to VA, I didn't have time with a preschooler and a toddler, who have since grown into an active 9 and 7 year old. So my scrapping stuff has sat dormant, neglected but not forgotten.
I made a promise to myself: that I would condense my stuff to fit into TWO 2-drawer file cabinets. You know how hard it is to condense 9 years of scrapbooking into 4 drawers?
Darn near impossible. But I simply do it....
It's a project that's been slow going, but as we draw nearer to putting our house on the market, I am MOTIVATED. I have spent the last two days cleaning, purging, donating, listing stuff on CraigsList and condensing....If the dust doesn't kill me, my weepiness will.

I intend to re-capture my love of scrapbooking while Greg is deployed. But that's a long ways off.
I am NOT going to go berserk again, that's for sure. I am appalled at how much stuff I have. How much money I wasted. Digging through piles and piles of "stuff" has been a lesson to me.

Less is more.
It's all about the story, not the doodads.
It's about the memory, not the fancy paper.
Tell the story.
Take the picture.

Now, I am off to photograph several custom-designed fully giftable scrapbooks. I used to sell them on EBay for $150 each and now, I'll be happy if I get $20 for them.

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Berry Patch said...

I hear you on this issue. I have an entire dresser JUST for storing my scrapbooking stuff. I made a plan to condense & get rid of stuff over the summer. It never happened. I need to get to it & I will - at some point.