Saturday, September 05, 2009

so glad it's Saturday

1. Didn't sleep well last night but was so happy to get up this morning. I am loving that summer is giving way to Fall. I love leaves, and the colors of Fall....BRING ON FALL!!

2. Adam is blowing through his tae kwon do....he's been a white belt/yellow stripe for about 3 weeks, and his Master feels confident that he's ready to test for his yellow belt! So exciting! This means he gets to SPAR!!! Plus one of his buddies is in a yellow belt class. We love his tae kwon do school. If you're local, they are hosting an Open House and we'd love to bring a guest.

3. Did I mention that it's NATIONAL CHEESE PIZZA DAY today? We're heading to the local pizza joint (Al's Pizza) for a few slices.

4. I am hoping to convince my husband to build me this before we move. He's all hung up on which type of wood and the details....I just want him to BUILD IT :) Someday, I"ll have a house full of heirloom quality handmade furniture.....Someday.......He's made my entry way bench, Jonathan's bed, Micaela's desk and cabinet, two bookcases, and a few other things....He has such a gift for woodworking........

5. I am once again determined to get the Homeschool room clean. Hope springs eternal. If I skip the gym, I can do it. But I don't want to skip my workout. I am hitting a groove....Gotta figure out how to do both.....

Edited to add 6. I have to brag on my super Handy Man: look what he did!!

He replaced the nasty staircase carpet (previous owner had it for years on end) carpet with fabulous plush new carpet....(ReStore purchased for $65.00) carpet that feels like Heaven on your bare feet. It was exhausting just watching him....I am pretty sure he doesn't want to be a carper layer after military retirement... But ain't it pretty? The iPhone picture just does not do it justice....Trust me, it's wonderful...


rennratt said...

Did he replace each tread separately? Those stairs look like they are from 'older code', which means wider and deeper. Wow. Good job!

Be prepared for a lot of fuzzing at first. Since you have asthma, I would recommend vacuuming it daily for a while. Just in case.
[Maybe the kids could do it?]

General rule of thumb for new carpet (cut pile) is to vacuum as many times per week as there are occupants of the house. Including the four legged kind.

Anonymous said...

i'm ready for fall too. I <3 fall. WTG Adam!!