Saturday, September 12, 2009

stuff in my day

1. I spent 9-11 talking to the kids about what happened that day. Telling them the truth about what happened to our country. Micaela was a baby and Adam wasn't even born yet. It's hard to "teach" about the worst tragedy in recent US history....

2. Here's where we will be on Saturday. Letting our voices be heard.

3. I love homeschooling. And I love freebies. This week, The Old Schoolhouse combines them and gives us this for free.

(argh....I can't get the code to work...if you want the FREE download, e-mail me and I'll tell ya how to get it for free....did I mention it's FREE?)

4. Fall is just around the corner and I LOVE IT. This is one of my favorite pictures from a session I did last Fall, just as the leaves were changing. Fall is my absolute favorite season.....

5. Now I am off to peacefully protest......Have a great day!!

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