Friday, September 18, 2009

a totally random bunch of bits and stuff


It's Friday....I am tired. My asthma meds have not been effective at all this week, so I am more tired than usual. PLUS I am husband-less.....That's enough whining..

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Since Adam is now officially a yellow belt, he started SPARRING this week. Am I wrong to say just how darn cute these kids are? It's so adorable. Of course the look on Adam's face is fierce and NOT cute. He's very serious....but still, it's cute.
I almost threw my printer across the room yesterday. Technology was not my friend last night....but just like God's mercies, every day is new. So today, the printer is my friend again...
We are studying The American Revolution. I added some stuff from one of my fave homeschooling websites:

CurrClick - Curriculum in a click! Affordable curriculum, lapbooks ...

I am not a big history buff, (that would be my husband) I am re-learning this stuff.
I'll be sharing my lapbook with you guys after we're done...
Did I mention we might be putting our house on the market next month? Not sure yet, but just maybe. It's funny, I sort of have that "I'm already half-gone" feeling and we still have many, many months left in Virginia.....I am praying like crazy that our house sells. I have to trust in God's plan for our family

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