Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wii and my Swagbucks

You guys KNOW I love SwagBucks.....
Did you know I hit my $300 goal a few weeks ago?
Between my surveys and the SwagBucks, I earned enough to buy the kids their Wii for Christmas. Luckily, a dear friend already bought me the Wii....(love ya, person who shall not be named because she doesn't read my Blog....) So now, I can either spend the SwagBucks on Wii games or save it up for a new TV. Hard to say which way we'll go.....

I know I sound like a broken record but hear me out:
All I did was this: Sign up with SwagBucks (you can sign up with MY special code and I get points for referring you, and you further my SwagBucks goals....) and I installed the SwagBucks toolbar so ALL of my searches go through them. (Between bring a NetHound and homeschooling, I do A LOT of searches, so it piles up the points. I calculated that I "earned" a $5.00 gift card every 3 days....That's GOOD!

So you, join now, click here:
Search & Win

Now, next: they have a cool contest. They call them SwagStakes. You can enter once or several times. Look what they have today!!

The Ultimate Wii Back To School Bundle gives you everything you need to make new friends and get everyone over to YOUR place for game night

The incredible package includes:

* Wii Console w/ Wii Sports
* Official Nintendo Wii Messenger Travel Bag
* Bully Scholarship Edition (Wii)
* Nintendo Wii 2000 Points Card (for Wii Shop Channel)
* NCAA Football 09 (Wii)
* Official Wii Classic Controller
* Set of Nintendo Wii Skins (Winners's Choice!)- 1 each for the Wii Console, Wii nunchucks, and Wii Controller

OF COURSE, I entered.....Did you?