Friday, October 02, 2009

I do love the FREE in life

1. I keep saying that I am done with my Christmas shopping....then I find something else and all of a sudden, I'm not done. But I am shopping for free, so it's okay :)

Today, I bought some for Greg and I. We're taking a long trip during the holidays and I think this would be a GREAT book to read on the plane...

Did you see....Going Rogue: An American Life. has reached #1 on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.
It's 4 days in the top 100...and it shot like a rocket to the #1 slot.....That ain't no accident, people!

2. Did I mention that I got this book FOR FREE....? Using my SwagBucks. I did buy a small something for the kids, too. Can't say what though :)

but look at that: F-R-E-E...!! All with my SwagBucks.....If you're not using SB's, I don't know why. Maybe you're super rich...If you are, why are you reading MY blog.....? Seriously though, why not have the advantage? I knew we wouldn't have much $$ heading into these holidays so I planned ahead and "stockpiled" my SwagBucks. It has helped A LOT.

To join SwagBucks, click below. And get started piling up your goodies....for FREE :)

Search & Win

Also when you visit to do your searches today and you could win 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 Swagbucks! Remember, it only takes 45 to get a $5 Amazon gift card! (I would sooooo love to win 500...that would be 11-$5.00 Gift cards!!)

3. Want to know what else I snagged for FREE? A Papa John's Pizza. My kids (and I) love their pizza. But I hate paying THAT much for one lil pizza....This will only apply for a few local folks...
I joined the Washington Post's POST PONTS. I'd share a link with you but there isn't one. I subscribe to the Sunday paper only (for coupons) and I linked all of my grocery store loyalty cards to the POST POINTS rewards program and it earned me a FREE PIZZA....which if I calculate correctly I'll get one free pizza every 6-8 weeks. Not too shabby. Free pizza tastes better, I think.

Now, I must go crawl back to the couch, where Adam and I are camped out, trying to get well. It's hard to get well when you can't sleep...

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