Thursday, October 22, 2009


The kids are nagging me to carve our pumpkins.....
So we will make the trip to the Pumpkin Farm.
Since this is our last year in VA, they wanna go out with a bang.
I don't know how that connects to a pumpkin, but I am not a kid :)

Every year, when we carve, we tell the story of how during our first Fall that we lived in Alaska, and we carve our pumpkin, we noticed that ALL of our neighbors had plastic we carved ours, which was real, non-plastic . It was a work of art....

Which the moose promptly ate :)

also take note:

Pumpkin Carvers Beware!

Never put pumpkin pulp into drains, toilets or garbage disposals. The stringy and sticky gunk is ideal for clotting drains and doesn't grind thoroughly. Wrap the waste in newspaper and discard in a trash can or compost pile.

And I just had to share two pics of Adam from the pumpkins in AK and the pumpkins in VA..
My, how he's grown....


Casdok said...

Wow he certainly has!
Enjoy your trip to the farm and carving.

fragilemom said...

Thanks for the gunk warning. We have a pumpkin ready to be carved. I personally can't wait to get the seeds out and baked! Looking forward to pics from the pumpkin farm!