Thursday, October 01, 2009

sick....finally sick...

I finally caught what the kids have had. I am praying for the milder Adam version rather than the week long version Jonathan had. It all started with a tiny lil tickle cough. Before you know it, I feel like I can't breathe and there's an elephant sitting on my chest. Thank you, Asthma....

You know what love it today? When your husband goes to the 24 hour pharmacy for meds to break up the mucus before it can choke me. That is love.....
Things that disgust me

That President Obama can't (or won't) make a decision about Afghanistan but he can traipse off to Copenhagen.....This makes my blood BOIL.

I don't think he has any business interfering. Not to mention, will he care more for the dead tourist who get shot if Chicago gets the Olympics than the SOLDIERS who are dying right now, while he drags his feet??

43 Troops Have Died Since General Called for Reinforcements...

The Biggest Loser

Anyone else watching? That one contestant, Tracy...? How long will she last? She's like poison.

I am getting ready, as soon as my breathing stabilizes and I get rid of this cold/flu deal, to start freshening up the paint in my house. I'll be painting the bathroom, which I have ALWAYS wanted to do...
Air & Space Museum

I am really REALLY hoping to take the kids next week. We were SUPPOSED to go last month, but life and school work need to be fit in, too.
I am too tired to blog.


Linda said...

get better soon...I truly hope it doesn't drag on like mine...because the elephant I had came to healthy lungs...your elephant is visiting compromised lungs and that's so much worse!

I can NOT STAND tracy. poison is a NICE word for her. SELFISH...ugly. She was in the hospital and almost died. Coach Mo SAVED her spot. and she treats everyone like crud.

I am pulling for Shay.

dozenhalls said...

our son is off to Afghanistan the end of October so I totally agree with you on Obama. course, I agreed with you before they said they would send Jordan but now I am getting really mad too!
hope you feel better too. Supposed to be a beautiful week in Pville! Hate for you to miss it!