Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday

Ha! Can't be Wordless....

The week is about to get a lot busier. We'll be moving major stuff OUT of the house so we can tackle grime and painting :) fun!
Thank God that Greg took leave this week. It has helped so much. Adam sure loves having his dad around. Today, they were pressure washing the house and driveway. Do you see that brick sidewalk behind them? It gets ZERO sun, ever. So it developed a lovely greenish gunk on it. It didn't stand a chance against the pressure washer! It's good to have handy men around!
Still praying that this whole process, the getting the house ready, the putting it on the market, the eventual sale of the house, will be blessed. I want our home to be the same blessing to a family as it has been to us. When our kids are grown, they will remember THIS HOUSE as their childhood home. I hope a nice family buys it! It's all in God's hands!

Now, I must go rent a storage place. The real fun is starting....isn't it?

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Linda said...

Do they have PODS anywhere near you?
PODS storage

This way, you wouldn't have to haul junk...they drop the pod off, you fill it, they take it and store it for you...