Friday, November 20, 2009

update on a Friday

1. Life has been busy. I am mostly busy keeping the house clean, show ready....So much fun..

2. File this under "Things I Don't Care About"- Oprah's show ending....don't care. I will admit that I DVR'ed her show with Sarah Palin but I have not had time to watch it....Oprah annoys me. I know I am in a minority here....'cause she's OPRAH....

3. Tonight's easy dinner: Ravioli Lasagna....Check this out....(not my idea, but a fellow TKD Mom)..

a. Pour some sauce in the pan (I doctored up some jar sauce), stack frozen ravioli $2.50 a bag at Wegman's.... (I chose Cheese filled because Greg is all about cheese)

b. Then pour some more sauce on top....

c. Then add layers of whatever cheese. For Greg's meal, I added Parmesan and mozzarella..

I am serving this with Homemade Foccacia Bread. Which is super simple to make...I should make it more often but I get stuck on other breads...if he likes this, I'll be fixing it frequently. It's super simple and pretty inexpensive. He's not a picky eater :)

4. Started working out again. My trainer is trying to kill me slowly. I didn't think a human could be this sore and still breathe. But apparently, it's possible....The key here is consistency. If I could just work out a little each day.....I wouldn't be so dang sore. But I feel guilty pushing the kids' school schedule to accommodate my health. Consequently, I don't feel at all guilty when the laundry has to wait.

5. Hoping to occupy a space on the couch and watch a movie tonight.

6. If you're a local Baker, Harris Teeter has my Beloved King Arthur Flour on sale for 2 for $5.00. I was jumping up and down as much as my sore legs would allow as I loaded my basket...It doesn't take much to please me. Cheap Flour does it....

7. I am compulsive and can't cut my list off if I am near #7....

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